Art by Brandy Stark  
Wire,  upcycle, photography
As an educator, I have spent a lifetime studying the shifting dynamics of human culture. I teach about the pride of the ancient world, the marvels of the Middle Ages, and the wildly shifting ways of modern life. It is my passion for these subjects that inspires me as an artist. This enthusiasm is expressed through wrapped wire metal sculptures which host moments of time, personal energies and emotive states.  These works become mediums for dialogue.

About the art

Wire and upcycle:

The award winning Metal Myths series evolved from a sculpture class that I took as an undergraduate. These works are designed as a way to attract a new generation of art lovers. The goal is to present elements of fantasy and imagination manifested through modern media to the audience.  Additionally, these pieces represent a form of interconnections: each wire is unique on its own but intertwined with the others so it becomes part of the comprehensive whole.


My award winning photography is designed to make familiar objects exotic and beautiful. The camera is used to exaggerate the image’s shape, form, light and texture.  To keep the soul of the photograph intact, few digital alterations are utilized. Each photograph is printed in an enlarged format to allow the viewer closer access to the subject. Though the subjects seem readily apparent, the true focus is subtle.  It can be the refraction of light on the surface of water, the abstracted shapes produced by a reclining animal, or the play of shadow across a unique surface.​​

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